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Boni­to Dashi Granules


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Per­fect the base flavour in all of your Japan­ese cook­ing with Shi­maya’s boni­to dashi stock. This box con­tains ten sachets of dashi soup stock flavoured with boni­to fish rich in the uma­mi flavours essen­tial in most tra­di­tion­al Japan­ese foods. Use this dashi when mak­ing miso soups, noo­dle soups and more.


Prod­uct of Japan

Ingredients and Assets

Glu­cose, Monosodi­um Glu­ta­mate, Salt, Sea­son­ing Agents (Pow­dered Dried Boni­to, Boni­to Extract), Dis­odi­um Inosi­nate, Dis­odi­um Guany­late, Yeast Extract.