Dad’s Chilli Oil

Steff My Face

Product Details

Dad’s Chilli Oil deliv­ers a seri­ous fresh chilli, gar­lic and spring onion kick. My fried rice won’t be seen with­out it, and spoon­fuls dol­loped over dumplings are a neces­si­ty. Each jar is sealed with a ging­ham lid in salute to the jam jars Dad used to refill with the chilli oil we grew up eat­ing. Use in stir-fries, dips, mari­nades or wher­ev­er you want to add heat and flavour.

Made in small batch­es in London


Ingredients & Allergens

Rape­seed oil, gar­lic (16%), red chilli (8%), chilli flakes (8%), spring onions (16%), soy beans, salt.

Con­tains soy

Meet Steff
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Hi! I’m Ste­fanel, and I’m a glut­ton for food worth eating.

I’m a Lon­don­er born and main­ly bred, hav­ing shared my child­hood between Lon­don, Bangkok & Ams­ter­dam. Wher­ev­er I was in the world, I always had a crav­ing for my favourite foods — those that Mum & Dad always cooked for me, where one taste could whisk me back home.

STEFF MY FACE is a cel­e­bra­tion of the essen­tials I grew up with that I can’t live with­out. I had to start with Dad’s Chilli Oil. He’s been mak­ing it for as long as I can remem­ber, and he taught me a few tricks. I’ve added a touch or two of my own (with Dad’s approval, of course) and this is the result: a seri­ous fresh chilli & gar­lic kick per­fect for driz­zling on rice, dol­lop­ing over dumplings or added when­ev­er you want to up heat and flavour.