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Dan Dan Noodles

Bai Jia

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Dan Dan noo­dles — but make it instant!

Deli­cious­ly numb­ing, spicy and nut­ty, these instant noo­dles come togeth­er in a flash. 

Sichuan Dan Dan Noo­dles

Serv­ing Sug­ges­tion:
1) In a bowl, soak oil sachet in warm water.
2) Cook noo­dles sep­a­rate­ly in a pot for about 4 – 5 min­utes and drain well.
3) Mix well peanut sachet, pow­der, vine­gar and oil sachet with drained noodles.

Prod­uct of China


Please note: fresh corian­der not included

Ingredients & Allergens

Noo­dles: Wheat Flour (85.5%), Water Salt.

Oil Sachet: Rape­seed Oil, Palm Oil, Chilli (12%), Beansprout, Sichuan Pep­per­corn, Gar­lic, Sesame Paste, Gin­ger, Fer­ment­ed Soy­abean, White Sesame, Spices, Flavour­ing, Colour (E160c).

Pow­der Sachet: Mal­todex­trin (Corn), Salt, Flavour Enhancer (E621, E635), Sug­ar, Yeast Extract, Anti­cak­ing Agent (E551).

Peanut Sachet: Peanut (99%), Soy­abean Oil.