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Furikake Gift Set

Product Details

Five unique Furikake blends packed neat­ly into sachets and pre­sent­ed in a chic tin — there are 10 sachets of each flavour. Import­ed direct­ly from Japan.

Ume is flavoured with sweet plum and uma­mi bonito. 

Seto com­bines sesame, boni­to and seaweed.

Yukari is flavoured with aro­mat­ic red perilla.

Sar­dine is rich in uma­mi from dried sardine.

Sesame nut­ty with roast­ed sesame and black seaweed.

Yukari is flavoured with aro­mat­ic red perilla.

Con­tents: 110g combined

Made in Japan

Ingredients & Allergens

Ume Furikake : plum, Sesame, Dried-boni­to shav­ing, Corn­starch, Sug­ar, Mashed pota­to, Salt, Black sea­weed, Extract(yeast, sea cab­bage), Glu­cose, Soy sauce, Plum vine­gar, Sweet sake, Pro­cess­ing starch, Red yeast col­or­ing, Mal­ic acid, Antioxidant(Vitamin C, Vit­a­min E), Antho­cyanin coloring,

Seto fla­vor : Sesame, Dried-sar­dine shav­ing, Sug­ar, Salt, Corn­starch, Dried-boni­to shav­ing, Wheat embryos, Soy sauce, Black sea­weed, Yeast extract, Sweet sake, pow­dery starch syrup, Dolomite, Green laver, Pro­tein hydrolysate, Annat­to pig­ment, Carotene pig­ment, Caramel col­or­ing, Antioxidant(Vitamin C)

Sar­dine Furikake : dried-sar­dine shav­ing, Sesame, Sug­ar, Milk cal­ci­um, Salt, Corn­starch, Soy sauce, Black sea­weed, Yeast extract, Wheat embryos, Molokheiya pow­der, Sweet sake, Reduced starch syrup, Annat­to pig­ment, Carotene pig­ment, Antioxidant(Vitamin C)

Sesame Furikake : Sesame, Sug­ar, Dried-boni­to shav­ing, Salt, Soy sauce, Sea­weed extract, Black sea­weed, Milk cal­ci­um, Mashed pota­to, Corn­starch, Sweet sake, Pump­kin pow­der, Reduced starch syrup, Antioxidant(Vitamin E), Carotene pig­ment, Vit­a­min C

Yukari : Red per­il­la, Salt, Sug­ar, Seasoning(Amino acid and so on), Mal­ic acid

Avoid direct sun­light, high tem­per­a­ture and humidity.