Hon­ey Pick­led Jalapenos

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Slight­ly sweet, full on fiery heat!

These fel­las pack a punch. 

Think spicy que­sadil­las, tacos, nachos, soups, add to sarnies, sal­ads, spice up a sal­sa. Don’t ditch the brine — this one is liq­uid gold in a sal­ad dress­ing or for mar­i­nat­ing meats.

We use as much local pro­duce as pos­si­ble when in sea­son and every jar is hand­packed by us. We promise pick­les that will tick­le your palate, fer­ments that will love your gut

Fresh ingre­di­ents, high qual­i­ty, fab flavours!

Please keep refrigerated.

Our best before dates are there as a guide and should last longer if stored and main­tained prop­er­ly — please keep veg pressed down in the brine.


Ingredients & Allergens

Ingre­di­ents: Jalapenos, Cider Vine­gar, Water, Hon­ey, Mus­tard Seeds (aller­gen), Corian­der Seeds, Sea Salt, Bay Leaves.

Meet Jules


My Ital­ian non­na, The Orig­i­nal Pre­serv­er’, pre­served every­thing from green toma­toes to grapes. My Gia­r­diniera’ pick­le is based on her recipe. I grew up sur­round­ed by jars of sour bril­liance. I admit, I’m a bit of a sourpuss. 

I first learnt how to make sauer­kraut whilst liv­ing in Rus­sia in the ear­ly 1990s. We fer­ment­ed sea­son­al pro­duce and cooked with no waste. It was the sour, tangy, tart tastes that grabbed me and learn­ing how acid­i­ty can bring bal­ance and bright­ness to food.

Get some veg­gie dish­es on the go, open a jar of pick­les or fer­ments, add some good qual­i­ty sour­dough, cheese, eggs, grilled meat or fish. 

This is how I eat. This is how my fam­i­ly eats and gen­er­a­tions before. To have a pantry of pick­les and a fridge of fer­ments is a bril­liant thing, trust me!

After work­ing in events and renew­able ener­gy, I turned my pas­sion for fer­ment­ing and pick­ling into my full time job. I’ve been teach­ing pick­ling and fer­ment­ing for years and my aim is to get fer­ment­ed food (and drink) in to everyone’s every­day meals. It’s so easy to whip up deli­cious meals when you’ve got tangy, tasty fer­ments on the go. 

Let’s get cre­ative, play with flavours and get cook­ing with sour power!