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Soy Sauce


Product Description

Kikko­man’s nat­u­ral­ly brewed soy sauce con­tains just four ingre­di­ents – soy­beans, wheat, salt and water – and has no arti­fi­cial addi­tives. The essen­tial cook­ing sauce and sea­son­ing for every­day dishes.

Its rich, mel­low flavour comes from long months of unhur­ried nat­ur­al brew­ing — sim­i­lar to how a fine wine is pro­duced. Use it to bring an authen­tic taste to your stir fries. And remem­ber it makes a superb store cup­board sea­son­ing for every­thing, from sushi to shep­herd’s pie. It is rich in uma­mi which brings out the taste of food — try using it instead of salt and see what dif­fer­ence it makes.

Three months into the tra­di­tion­al brew­ing process, the Mail­lard Reac­tion’ turns the sauce into a clear, red-brown colour – so no addi­tives or syrups are need­ed to enhance Kikko­man soy sauce’s colour or flavour. The result is a com­plex and well-bal­anced sauce con­tain­ing 300 nat­ur­al aro­ma components.

Use Kikko­man soy sauce as a dip­ping sauce for sushi and sashi­mi. Also use the colours and flavours in fish or meat mari­nades, vinai­grettes and soup. 

This soy sauce comes in a handy pour­ing pot


Prod­uct of Japan

Ingredients & Allergens

Water, soy­beans, wheat, salt. Con­tains gluten and soya.