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Liuzhou Snail Rice Noodles

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With a total of 8 sep­a­rate sachets, instant Luosifen noo­dles have been called instant noo­dle good­ie bags!”

Luosifen — snail noo­dles, orig­i­nat­ing in Liuzhou, a city in Chi­na’s north-cen­tral Guangxi autonomous province. It fea­tures rice ver­mi­cel­li soaked in a spicy broth, topped bam­boo shoots, string beans, turnips, peanuts and tofu skin. Despite hav­ing the word snail” in its Chi­nese name, actu­al snails don’t com­mon­ly appear in the dish, but are used to fla­vor the broth.

1 serv­ing

Prod­uct of China

Ingredients & Allergens

Mixed Dried Rice Noo­dles: Rice, Corn Starch, Drink­ing Water, Rice: Corn Starch.

Cray­fish Flavour Soup Bag: Edi­ble Veg­etable Oil, Gar­lic, Gin­ger, Shrimp Meat Extract, Thick Broad-Bean Sauce, Chilli, Soy Sauce, Edi­ble Salt, White Sug­ar, Sesame, Sodi­um Glu­ta­mate, Flavoured Nucleotide Dis­odi­um, Good Flavour, Potas­si­um Sor­bate (Preser­v­a­tive)

Snail Soup Bag: Drink­ing Water, Snail Soup, Edi­ble Salt, Edi­ble Veg­etable Oil, Yeast Extract, Chilli, Thick Broad-Bean Sauce, White Sug­ar, Green Onion, Gar­lic, Gin­ger, Spices, Sodi­um Glu­ta­mate, Food Flavour, Potas­si­um Sor­bate (Preser­v­a­tive).

Pick­led Cow­pea, Pick­led Radish Bag: Pick­led Cow­pea (Cow­pea, Edi­ble Salt, Vine­gar, Preser­v­a­tive: Potas­si­um Sor­bate), Pick­led Radish (Radish, Edi­ble Salt, Sucralose, Monosodi­um Glu­ta­mate, Preser­v­a­tive: Sodi­um Dehy­droad­c­etate, Potas­si­um Sor­bate), Edi­ble Veg­etable Oil, Chilli.

Pick­le Bam­boo Shoots Bag: Pick­led Bam­boo Shoots (Bam­boo Shoots, Drink­ing Water, Preser­v­a­tive: Sodi­um Metabisul­fite), Chilli, Edi­ble Salt, Edi­ble Veg­etable Oil.

Chilli Oil Bag: Edi­ble Veg­etable Oil, Chilli, Spices

Fried Peanut & Yuba Bag: Yuba (Soy­bean, Drink­ing Water, Preser­v­a­tive: Hydros), Peanuts, Edi­ble Veg­etable Oil (Soy­bean Oil, TBHQ)

Jew’s Ear Bag: Jew’s Ear, Drink­ing Water, Cit­ric Acid.

Aller­gen Infor­ma­tion: Con­tains Shell­fish, Peanuts, Soy­bean And Their Products