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Lye Water

Tung Chun

Product Details

Food grade lye water is a potent liq­uid alka­line — a food grade potas­si­um car­bon­ate solu­tion — used in noo­dle mak­ing to raise the pH and change the prop­er­ties of the dough. It gives them their dis­tinct yel­low hue and springy chewy texture. 

Recipes may call for Kan­sui’ in noo­dle mak­ing, which is an alka­li pow­der, used in the same way as Lye. Lye can be used in any recipe that calls for Kansui. 


Made in China

Ingredients & Allergens

Water (58%), Sta­bilis­er (Potas­si­um Car­bon­ate) (E501) (42%).

Do not drink.