Megachef premium oyster sauce gluten free 600g
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Pre­mi­um Oys­ter Sauce


Product Description

Pip­pas favourite Oys­ter sauce — Megachef Oys­ter Sauce is made from real oys­ters caught off the east coast of the Gulf of Thai­land. All nat­ur­al pro­duc­tion meth­ods con­tribute to its deli­cious uma­mi flavour. 

From Megachef: The fresh rock oys­ters used to make this come from the crys­tal clear waters off the Gulf of Thai­land. Once har­vest­ed they are smoked over hard­wood to infuse them with a deep rich colour and aro­mat­ic flavour. Final­ly, the oys­ters are sim­mered with sug­ar, salt and corn starch until they form a vel­vety amaz­ing sauce!”

Great for stir-fries, brais­es or mari­nades. Megachef Pre­mi­um Oys­ter Sauce con­tains no gluten, colour and arti­fi­cial flavours.

From Food & Wine mag­a­zine: Mega Chef has that salty, sat­is­fy­ing fla­vor, but is unex­pect­ed­ly vivid and clean-tast­ing. It is dark and syrupy, with an intense­ly uma­mi, sweet and not-too-salty triple wham­my of flavor.”


Made in Thailand

Ingredients & Allergens

Oys­ter extract (oys­ter, water), sug­ar, salt, corn starch, potas­si­um sorbate

Store in the fridge