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My Shang­hai: Recipes and Sto­ries from a City on the Water

Bet­ty Liu

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Expe­ri­ence the sub­lime beau­ty and fla­vor of one of the old­est and most deli­cious cuisines on earth: the food of Shang­hai, Chi­na’s most excit­ing city, in this evoca­tive, col­or­ful gas­tro­nom­ic tour that fea­tures 100 recipes, sto­ries, and more than 150 spec­tac­u­lar col­or photographs.

Filled with gal­leries, muse­ums, and gleam­ing sky­scrap­ers, Shang­hai is a mod­ern metrop­o­lis and the world’s largest city prop­er, the home to twen­ty-four mil­lion inhab­i­tants and host to eight mil­lion vis­i­tors a year. Chi­na’s crown jew­el” (Vogue), Shang­hai is an up-and-com­ing food des­ti­na­tion, filled with restau­rants that spe­cial­ize in inter­na­tion­al cuisines, fusion dish­es, and chefs on the verge of the next big thing. It is also home to some of the old­est and most fla­vor­ful cook­ing on the planet.

Bet­ty Liu, whose fam­i­ly has deep roots in Shang­hai and grew up eat­ing home­style Shang­hainese food, pro­vides an enchant­i­ng and inti­mate look at this city and its abun­dant cui­sine. In this sump­tu­ous book, part cook­book, part trav­el­ogue, part cul­tur­al study, she cuts to the heart of what makes Chi­nese food Chi­nese-the peo­ple, their sto­ries, and their fam­i­ly tra­di­tions. Orga­nized by sea­son, My Shang­hai takes us through a year in the Shang­hai culi­nary cal­en­dar, with fla­vor­ful recipes that go beyond the stan­dard, well-known fare, and sto­ries that illu­mi­nate diverse com­mu­ni­ties and their food rituals.

Chi­nese food is rarely asso­ci­at­ed with sea­son­al­i­ty. Yet as Liu reveals, the way the Shang­hainese inter­act with the sea­sons is the essence of their cook­ing: what is on a din­ner table is dic­tat­ed by what is avail­able in the sur­round­ing waters and fields. Live seafood, fresh meat, and ripe veg­eta­bles and fruits are used in har­mo­ny with spices to cre­ate a vari­ety of refined dish­es all through the year.

My Shang­hai allows every­one to enjoy the home­style food Chi­nese peo­ple have eat­en for cen­turies, in the con­text of how we cook today. Liu demys­ti­fies Chi­nese cui­sine for home cooks, pro­vid­ing recipes for fam­i­ly favorites that have been passed down through gen­er­a­tions as well as authen­tic street food: her moth­er’s lion’s head meat­balls, mung bean soup, and week­day stir-fries; her father-in-law’s pride and joy, the Nan­jing salt­ed duck; the clas­sic red-braised pork bel­ly (as well as a riff to turn them into gua bao!); and core basics like high stock, won­tons, and fried rice.

In My Shang­hai, there is some­thing for every­one-beloved noo­dle and dumpling dish­es, as well as sur­pris­ing­ly light fare. Though they harken back cen­turies, the dish­es in this out­stand­ing book are thor­ough­ly mod­ern-fresh and vibrant, sophis­ti­cat­ed yet under­stat­ed, and all burst­ing with com­plex fla­vors that will please even the most dis­crim­i­nat­ing or adven­tur­ous palate.

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Meet Betty Liu
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I’ve played a lot of roles over the years includ­ing food pho­tog­ra­ph­er, workshop/​retreat teacher, blog­ger, and wed­ding pho­tog­ra­ph­er, but these days I m most­ly a gen­er­al surgery res­i­dent train­ing in Boston with a pas­sion for cook­ing. I’ve long viewed cook­ing and food as a cre­ative out­let. This blog is a place for me to doc­u­ment my food exper­i­ments and share food sto­ries. Through this, I’ve found an awe­some com­mu­ni­ty and some­how, enough peo­ple believed in me for me to write a book on the food

that is near­est and dear­est to my heart: a cook­book. in my book, I share my family’s culi­nary tra­di­tions with you: all of the Shang­hai home­cook­ing that gives me comfort.

Before res­i­den­cy, I used to be more active in this space, but you can still find recipes, trav­el sto­ries, and food sto­ries. I’m more active on insta­gram.