Penang Kaf­fir Lime & White Pep­per Spice Paste


Product Details
  • Del­i­cate­ly spiced with a cit­rusy fresh­ness and warmth from Sarawak white pepper
  • Penang is a cul­tur­al melt­ing pot renowned for its diverse and cre­ative hawk­er food
  • Veg­an and free from refined sug­ars and nuts
  • Made in London
  • 180g
Ingredients & Allergens

Onion, galan­gal, gin­ger, gar­lic, British rape­seed oil, lemon­grass, unre­fined cane sug­ar, sea salt, kaf­fir lime leaf (2%), white pep­per (2%), spices, lemon juice

Veg­an, veg­e­tar­i­an, caf­feine free, dairy free, gluten free, no arti­fi­cial colours, no arti­fi­cial flavours, nut free, palm oil free, refined sug­ar free, soya free, wheat free

Meet Shu
Shu and mortar pestle

Hi I’m Shu! I grew up in Sin­ga­pore and moved to Lon­don 10 years ago. To stem my home­sick­ness, I start­ed spend­ing all my spare time in the kitchen, with my mum on speed dial. I think food has such a won­der­ful way of mak­ing peo­ple feel good and bring­ing peo­ple togeth­er — and in my first years in this strange scary city, I found new friends through cook­ing for them! Many sup­per clubs and a cook­book lat­er, I start­ed Rem­pa­pa Spice Co. in 2018 while I was in between jobs. Here’s the story:

Rem­pa­pa comes from the word rem­pah’ — a fresh aro­mat­ic spice paste that’s the base of cur­ries and a whole host of dish­es. Because a long list of exot­ic herbs and spices go into mak­ing these spice pastes, and because it’s near impos­si­ble to find ready­made pastes out­side of the stan­dard reper­toire of Thai/​Indi­an flavours here in Lon­don, I would often make large batch­es of rem­pah and freeze them in serv­ing-sized por­tions. They were a god­send on week­nights. Or even on spe­cial occa­sions when I want­ed to impress my guests.

I realised this was a fan­tas­tic way to share these bold excit­ing flavours with curi­ous but time-pressed Lon­don­ers. I first start­ed sell­ing Rem­pa­pa at farm­ers mar­kets, and as word of mouth grew, we’re now stocked in some of the best delis and food­ie plat­forms in Lon­don and beyond — pip­pyeats for one! :)