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Pip­pa is often asked what her must-have pieces of equip­ment are when start­ing out mak­ing dumplings and noo­dles — so we’ve put togeth­er this excit­ing bundle. 

Pip­pa has used her favourite machine, the Mar­ca­to Atlas from the very begin­ning. Through sup­per clubs, pop-ups, meal kits and more — Pip­pa has made thou­sands of por­tions of noo­dles with this machine and it has nev­er once let her down. A true work­horse. In her opin­ion, they are the best machine you can get. 

It includes:

Signed copy of Dumplings & Noo­dles, Pip­pas cookbook

Mar­ca­to Atlas pas­ta machine (choose from Clas­sic Sil­ver or Sleek Black)

Mar­ca­to Atlas noo­dle cut­ting attach­ment — for round noodles

Dumpling rolling pin + spoon set

High gluten flour (Pip­pas favourite brand for mak­ing noodles)

A set of Pip­py Eats Chilli Oils

Ingredients & Allergens

High gluten flour: High Qual­i­ty WHEAT.

Sichuan Chilli Oil from Pip­py Eats: Rape­seed oil, chilli (11%), Sichuan pep­per (2%) sesame, salt, soy sauce (soy­beans, wheat, salt, sug­ar, flavour enhancer: E202), mush­room, flavour enhancer (E621)

Chiu Chow Chilli Oil from Pip­py Eats: Rape­seed oil, gar­lic (16%), chilli (18%), salt, soy sauce (soy­beans, wheat, salt, sug­ar, preser­v­a­tive E202) chilli, sug­ar, flavour enhancer (E621)

Chilli Crisp from Pip­py Eats: Rape­seed oil, shal­lot (11%), gar­lic (11%), soy­bean, chilli (4%), salt, pep­per, mush­room, sug­ar, flavour enhancer (E621), wheat