SCOBO — Scotch bon­net chilli oil

Ramen & Sazeracs

Product Details

A batch-made fiery chilli oil con­sist­ing of fresh­ly blend­ed scotch bon­nets, gar­lic, gin­ger, onions, scal­lions and sea­son­ings, gen­tly sim­mered in oil for no less than 3 hours where the flavours get to inten­si­fy and amal­ga­mate into a smooth and ver­sa­tile condi­ment great for spoon­ing onto fried rice, grilled meat or noodles! 

Ready to eat straight from the jar, spoon over dish­es, use as dip­ping sauce
or as a mari­nade for grilled meats/​fish/​vegetables.


Made in small batch­es in London

Ingredients & Allergens

Suit­able for veg­e­tar­i­ans and veg­ans. May con­tain traces of nuts and gluten although non direct­ly used in the product.

scotch bon­net pep­pers, gar­lic, gin­ger, spring onions, onions, shal­lots,
sea salt sun­flower oil, flavour enhancer, cit­ric acid, potas­si­um sorbate.

Meet Di

For as long as I can remem­ber, I have always had pen­chant for every­thing food relat­ed whether that’s cook­ing, run­ning mar­ket stalls or restau­rants. It all began in a lit­tle ter­race house in a bustling inner-city area of Man­ches­ter, back in the 90’s. I grew up com­plete­ly immersed in a melt­ing-pot of cul­tures, flavours and cuisines. My first mem­o­ries of enjoy­ing dif­fer­ent foods were in pri­ma­ry school where the mums of the oth­er chil­dren would bring in their home made dish­es on spe­cial hol­i­days such as Eid, Chi­nese New Year, Kwan­zaa or Diwali. I did­n’t know then but those flavours formed a pal­let which inevitably made me pas­sion­ate and com­plete­ly obsessed with recre­at­ing authen­tic dish­es in my lat­er years; I would research end­less­ly on how to roast and grind the cor­rect spices, where to buy those uncom­mon herbs that are nev­er avail­able in super­mar­kets and the tech­niques the aun­ties’ use to teach me from wrap­ping tamales to the secret to mak­ing soft chewy naan — it was all I ever want­ed to do, LEARN. Cou­pled with my bold Viet­namese her­itage (and all the Phở and fish sauce that came with it!) and you have the hum­ble begin­nings of what is to become Ramen and Saz­er­acs today. 

I moved to Lon­don in 2017 and set up Ramen & Saz­er­acs, a fresh, young and inclu­sive sup­per club that bridges the gap between the cre­ative sec­tors and my pas­sion for cook­ing. Sum­mer 18′ we launched our very first Sup­per­club Ses­sions in the heart of Oxford Cir­cus on Carn­a­by Street in con­junc­tion with some very tal­ent­ed artists and illus­tra­tors, the fol­low­ing year we con­tin­ued the tra­di­tion and host­ed our debut Man­ches­ter sup­per club slap bang in the North­ern Quar­ter, sell­ing out tick­ets both times. Ramen and Saz­er­acs is still a young com­pa­ny with a lot to learn, but the thing is, we are open to ideas, col­lab­o­ra­tions and net­work­ing and hope­ful­ly togeth­er with the right peo­ple, we can con­tin­ue bring­ing you these evenings of pure joy and authenticity!