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Shacha Sauce


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Shacha Sauce is pri­mar­i­ly used in the cuisines of Fujian, Teochew (Chaozhou), and Tai­wan. It adds uma­mi fla­vor to many dish­es, includ­ing soups, meat mari­nades (i.e. as a rub for roast meats, which is prob­a­bly how it got its Eng­lish trans­la­tion to Chi­nese BBQ Sauce”), stir-fries, and dip­ping sauces. — from The Woks of Life https://​the​wok​soflife​.com/shac…

The taste of sacha sauce is com­plex and mul­ti­lay­ered. When you first open the con­tain­er, you’ll need to give it a good mix to incor­po­rate the thick brown paste at the bot­tom with the lay­er of oil on top. At first it tastes very uma­mi-for­ward with a slight­ly briny fla­vor — rem­i­nis­cent of Japan­ese kat­suobushi — from the dried shrimp and brill fish. But it has a sub­tly sweet fin­ish (even though sug­ar is not an ingre­di­ent). It’s this com­bi­na­tion of fla­vors that makes sacha mag­i­cal and ver­sa­tile. — from Bön Appetit. Read more about this condi­ment here: https://​www​.bonap​petit​.com/sto…

Ingredients & Allergens

Soy­bean Oil (65%), Dried Lizard Fish (9%), Gar­lic (6%), Shal­lot (5%), Sesame (4%), Chilli Pow­der (3.5%), Coconut Pow­der (3.3%), Gin­ger (1.9%), Dried Shrimp (1%), Salt (0.8%), Pep­per (0.5%).