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Shichi­mi Sesame Furikake


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The per­fect top­ping for sesame prawn toast or sim­ply served with rice, this shichi­mi sesame sprin­kle is nut­ty, fra­grant, sweet and umami. 

With crispy roast­ed black and white sesame, the fra­grance of this Kyoto no Kuro Shichi­mi” with Japan­ese pep­per has a light and ele­gant fla­vor. The mel­low spici­ness of Kuro Shichi­mi”, which is roast­ed domes­ti­cal­ly pro­duced Hawk pep­per, enhances the gen­tle sweet­ness of sesame seeds. You can enjoy it even on rice, and you can sprin­kle it on udon noo­dles or use it for cooking.

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Prod­uct of Japan

Ingredients & Allergens

Sesame, salt, shichi­mi, sea­son­ings (amino acids, etc.), caramel col­or, starch, sweet­en­ers (licorice), eggshell cal­ci­um (includ­ing wheat and soy­beans)

About Ochanoko-Saisai Nishiki

Nishi­ki Mar­ket has sup­port­ed Kyoto’s food cul­ture for more than 400 years since it pros­pered as a fish mar­ket in the Edo peri­od. The arcade shop­ping street, which is 360 meters east to west, is crowd­ed with more than 120 shops sell­ing items that are indis­pens­able for local din­ing tables and is crowd­ed with shop­pers. While there are many spe­cial­ty stores with a wide selec­tion of prod­ucts, Ochanoko-Sai­sai Nishi­ki, which is a Shichi­mi store, also plays a role in the vibran­cy of the mar­ket. We are increas­ing the num­ber of cus­tomers who are famil­iar with our faces through friend­ly cus­tomer ser­vice and Shichi­mi food stalls.

They use raw mate­ri­als such as Habanero pep­per from Kyushu and Asaku­ra San­sho from Wakaya­ma pre­fec­ture, which are deliv­ered from con­tract farm­ers all over the coun­try, and our own fac­to­ry is par­tic­u­lar about the man­u­fac­tur­ing method that makes the best use of the flavor.