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Shun­kei-nuri Chopsticks

Kap­pabashi Maeda

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Direct­ly from Kap­pabashi street, Tokyo

Shun­kei-nuri or Japan­ese Laque­r­ware is a Japan­ese craft with a wide range of fine and dec­o­ra­tive arts.

High-grade eco-chop­sticks made of PBT resin with a heat-resis­tant tem­per­a­ture of 200 ° C. A hexag­o­nal shape with a length of 22.7 cm and a thick­ness of about 8 mm that is dif­fi­cult to roll. 

The glossy orange col­or pecu­liar to Shun­kei-nuri has a non-slip tip. 

Dish­wash­er safe

Prod­uct of Japan