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Thai Chilli Paste

Mae Pra­nom

Product Details

Thai Chilli Paste, or Nam Prik Pao. The first authen­tic Thai Chilli Paste since 1959 is packed with deli­cious tra­di­tion­al flavour of nat­ur­al herbs and cre­ates a dis­tinc­tive taste.

The paste can be mixed with any kind of food and soups, such as Tom Yum Soup, used for stir fry­ing, mixed with rice or add to spicy Thai sal­ads. It can also be used as a dip with crack­ers, crispy rice cakes or any kind of vegetables.


Made in Thailand

Ingredients & Allergens

Soy­bean Oil, Dried Shrimp (crus­tacean) (15%) Onion, Gar­lic, Dried Chilli (10%), Tamarind, Sug­ar, Salt, Shrimp (crus­tacean) paste (Shrimp ( Crus­tacean), Salt)