Veg­an XO Sauce

Kay Kay

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Kay Kay has hit the take-out scene with their unique veg­an Chi­nese dish­es. Due to pop­u­lar demand and love for their XO dish­es, Kay Kay has jarred up their house veg­an XO sauce to share with us all. 


Made in Bedfordshire

Ingredients & Allergens

Aller­gens (bold): Shi­itake Mush­rooms, Gar­lic, Shal­lots, Veg­at­able Oil, Soy Sauce (Soy,Wheat), Yel­low Bean Sauce, Mush­room Sauce ( Yeast Extract, Mod­i­fied Corn Starch), Dried Chill­ies, Cordy­ceps Mil­i­taris, Black Pep­per, Spices, Nori, Sug­ar, Mush­room Bouil­lon (E261)

Meet Kay Kay
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I’m a British Born Chi­nese (BBC) and had the priv­i­lege of liv­ing in Hong Kong dur­ing my ear­ly years. Although, I moved back to live in the UK per­ma­nent­ly when I was six years old, I was still able to enjoy food from Hong Kong cooked lov­ing­ly by my grandparents. 

Since turn­ing plant-based I have veg­an­ised food I grew up with and missed dear­ly, some­times with flavours and ingre­di­ents inspired by oth­er cul­tures I love.

My hope is, through expe­ri­enc­ing my food, you will be trans­port­ed to the hus­tle and bus­tle of Hong Kong.


Kay Kay 琪琪