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White Mausu

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Black­bean Rāyu: Dev­il­ish­ly salty and def­i­nite­ly spice for­ward. Fer­ment­ed Chi­nese Black Beans have a unique­ly savoury and sat­is­fy­ing flavour like no oth­er. With fruity notes above a rich, miso-like base, this cheeky condi­ment can add a SPICY! kick to just about any dish. Splash it lib­er­al­ly on your eggs, rice, sal­ads, and stews. Soup up your soups or top off your tofu. Basi­cal­ly, put it on every­thing. This stuff’s a game changer.

Peanut Rāyu: This dev­as­tat­ing­ly deli­cious recipe fus­es Japan­ese and Chi­nese flavours to spice up any dish. Give your veg­eta­bles a kick, jazz up a stir-fry, eggs or avo­ca­do on toast; rumour has it it’s great on a grilled steak or (shhh!) just eat straight from the jar.

Cashew Crunch: Sweet and salty. Driz­zle this condi­ment on all of your favourite dish­es to lift them up and make them sing. Maple adds the sweet­ness while miso makes it mor­eish. Add to left­over rice for a quick stir-fry or mix in a lit­tle vine­gar for an Asian style dress­ing. Top off your noo­dle dish­es, stick it in a sand­wich, eat it by the spoon­ful… you know the drill!

Made with love in Dublin.


Meet Katie Sanderson
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Katie Sander­son, who kick­start­ed the com­pa­ny, was born and grew up in Hong Kong. The inspi­ra­tion behind the recipes is the amal­ga­ma­tion of those ear­ly years, time spent trav­el­ling, work­ing in kitchens, and the belief that a good larder full of condi­ments makes cook­ing a breeze.