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Yak­iso­ba Sauce


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A quick squeeze for per­fect yakisoba.

Hold­ing a rich and tangy flavour sim­i­lar to Worces­ter­shire sauce, this bot­tle of Ota­fuku yak­iso­ba sauce com­bines the uma­mi flavours of soy sauce, toma­to, onion, car­rot and gar­lic with the fruity sweet­ness of dates, peach­es, oranges and apples. Per­fect for authen­tic yak­iso­ba Japan­ese stir-fry dish­es, chow mein, fried rice.

Squeezy bot­tle, 300g

Made in Japan

Ingredients & Allergens

Water, molasses, sug­ar, salt, soy sauce (water, soy­beans, salt), spir­i­ti vine­gar, toma­to, thick­en­er: E414, onion, spices (con­tains: cel­ery), yeast extract (yeast extract, acero­las, corn, pineap­ple, dex­trin, salt) apple, car­rot, thick­en­er: E415, shi­itake, gar­lic, date, onion powder. 

Once opened, refrig­er­ate and con­sume with­in 3 months.