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Bangkok Local: Cult recipes from the streets that make the city

by Sarin Rojanametin & Jean Thamthanakorn

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This beau­ti­ful book fea­tures 70 recipes of dish­es that define Bangkok, so you can cap­ture the city’s mag­ic in your own home. Bangkok is any explor­er’s dream and a food-lover’s par­adise. In the Thai cap­i­tal, most food is still sold along the ancient canals that cross­hatch the city, and on street cor­ners, from mobile carts and inside its bustling markets. 

Of course, you’ll find the best green cur­ry and pad Thai of your life in this dynam­ic city. But Bangkok holds infi­nite secrets for any­one tru­ly pas­sion­ate about food. Bangkok Local fol­lows one culi­nary day, with sec­tions marked for Ear­ly, Mid and Late. It’s the sec­ond in our Local series, which unites inti­mate food knowl­edge with stun­ning gonzo-photography. 

From the Ear­ly chap­ter, you might cook up some fried taro cakes (kanom pak gad) or an egg in tamarind sauce (kai luk keuy) or rice soup with bar­ra­mun­di (kao tom pla kra pong). Then Mid is all about lunch and after­noon snack­ery: orange sour soup with prawns and mixed veg­eta­bles (gaeng som pak gung sod), papaya sal­ad (som tum) and fried rice with pineap­ple (kao pad sap­par­od). Final­ly, it’s Late. That means jun­gle cur­ry with pork (gaeng pa mu), late-night stir-fried crab with black pep­per (pu pad prik thai dum) and bananas in coconut cream (glu­ay buat chee). It’s high time you tried Thai.

Pub­lish­er: Smith Street Books
ISBN: 9781925418927
Num­ber of pages: 224
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