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Man­dalay: Recipes and Tales from a Burmese Kitchen

by MiMi Aye

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Influ­enced by its neigh­bours and the coun­tries clos­est to it, Burmese food draws tech­niques and ingre­di­ents from Thai­land, India and Chi­na but uses flavours of its own to make some­thing sub­tle, deli­cious and unique.

The food of Bur­ma is lit­tle known, but MiMi seeks to change that with­in these pages, reveal­ing its secrets and pro­vid­ing con­text to each recipe with sto­ries from her time in Bur­ma and her fam­i­ly’s her­itage.

Begin­ning with a look at the ingre­di­ents that makes Burmese food unique – as well as suit­able alter­na­tives – MiMi goes on to dis­cuss the spe­cial tech­niques and equip­ment need­ed before delv­ing into chap­ters such as frit­ters, rice and noo­dles, sal­ads, meat and fish and sweet snacks. With­in these pages you’ll find 100 incred­i­ble recipes, enabling you to cre­ate a taste of Bur­ma in your own kitchen.

Meet MiMi Aye
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MiMi Aye is a Burmese food writer bet­ter known as meemalee, the founder of sup­per club and online com­mu­ni­ty Burmese Food and Beyond, and the author of MAN­DALAY: Recipes and Tales from a Burmese Kitchen (Blooms­bury Absolute) and NOO­DLE! (Absolute Press). 

Although born at the Eng­lish sea­side, MiMi has spent her whole life soak­ing up Burmese food, lan­guage and cul­ture through count­less trips to see fam­i­ly and friends in Burma.

Hav­ing read Law at Cam­bridge, MiMi qual­i­fied as a solic­i­tor before going into legal and tax pub­lish­ing. MiMi has appeared on Woman’s Hour and the Food Pro­gramme (both BBC R4) and her recipes have appeared in numer­ous pub­li­ca­tions includ­ing The Dai­ly Tele­graph, the Evening Stan­dard, Woman & Home and Red mag­a­zines. She lives in Kent with her hus­band and two children.